The National Association of Parents is the collective voice of parents in the USA supporting the right of parents to raise their children as they decide so long as the children are not harmed and flexing economic power in the marketplace for the benefit of our members.   As a public service member association for all parents − single mothers, single fathers, married and unmarried couples − we preserve the parent-child relationship by providing free legal services to parents fighting to protect their rights, by bringing strategic litigation, and by advocating for legislative and policy reforms. We also will use the collective voice of parents to obtain discounts on products and services by flexing our market power and will provide an online community where parents can find others in similar situations for support and to share information.


We can provide free legal services to parents and seek legislative and policy revisions only with your support as a dues-paying member and/or donor. Only when parents come together through the National Association of Parents will parents, all parents, have a powerful presence and voice to guard powerfully the parent-child relationship. Please act today by joining and/or donating and also by seeking the support of your family and friends.


If the right to raise your child as you decide (so long as you are doing so without harming your child) is being infringed and you need an attorney with the National Association of Parents, please request help here. After careful screening, we may provide free legal services and come to your defense, join or start a lawsuit and/or challenge the Constitutionality of a law.


Information and updates will be reported here about those cases where the parent-child relationship is being challenged by the infringement of the rights of parents, both in cases in which we are providing legal assistance and those in which we are not. Because we are a public service association for all parents, we will endeavor at all times to work for single mothers, single fathers, and married and unmarried couples.